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All About Italy SiVinceTutto

Most lottery games in the world follow the 6/49 matrix as this lottery matrix gives players much more favorable odds of winning than other lottery formats such as the 6/90 matrix. However, before you dismiss lotteries that use this format, it is important for you to know some facts about this lottery format. A clear example to indicate the amazing features and benefits of the 6/90 format is Italy’s SiVinceTutto. 

The SiVinceTutto lottery is one of Italy’s many lotteries but unlike most lotteries, it follows a rare format, the 6/90 format. This game was originally created to complement Italy’s largest and most popular lottery game, the SuperEnalotto lottery. The management and operation of the SiVinceTutto is in the hands of Sisal, which is an organization that controls and manages lottery games in the country. Sisal was created in 1946 and in addition to the SiVinceTutto, this organization manages lottery games such as the very popular SuperEnalotto, the EuroJackpot, the VinciCasa, Play Six and the 10ElLotto. The English translation of this lottery’s name is “Win It All” which alone is a reason to give this lottery a try 

Playing the SiVinceTutto

The SiVinceTutto as has been aforementioned, follows the 6/90 matrix. A while back, players were expected to pick six numbers out of 90 numbers in order to participate in the SiVinceTutto. However, the new SiVinceTutto is played by choosing 12 numbers out of 90 instead of six. This amendment of the game gives players twice the chance to win a prize. The original SiVinceTutto price per selection was 5 Euros for six numbers. Today, the same price gets you a 12-number selection. Simply put, each player can play 12 numbers to guess six numbers. 

There are a number of features which players can use to increase their chances of winning. First of all, playing the lottery is easy. The SiVinceTutto can be played via manual selection or Quick Pick. A Quick Pick allows the system to generate and select random numbers on behalf of the player. Players can choose to play their favorite numbers for a maximum of five future draws using the Advance Draw feature. Players can also choose to play more than one set of numbers for a single draw to increase their odds of winning. With this feature, the prize of the ticket increases depending on the number of selections made. 

Playing Online 

Like most present-day lottery games, the SiVinceTutto lottery can be played online via ny authorized and trusted lottery service provider. A number of these service providers exist. Examples are,,, and among others. These lottery service providers strive to make the participation in lotteries very convenient and easy. By simply creating an account, players can deposit funds into their account and play their favorite lotteries including the SiVinceTutto. 

A major advantage of playing online is the safety of your ticket which makes it impossible for a player to miss out on winnings as a result of a lost ticket. Also, playing online is easy, fun and comfortable. It has bridged the gap between countries making it possible for anyone in any part of the world to play his/her favorite lottery games. Also, the checking of your ticket is the job of the service provider who checks your number and notifies you via email or message in the Message section of your account. However, it is important to know that winnings in excess of a certain amount must be claimed in person. This applies mostly to jackpots and second-tier prizes.

Winnings and Prizes

There is just one draw per week for the SiVinceTutto. This draw is held on Wednesday at 8:00 PM (CET). Sale of tickets take place from 6:00 AM to 11:55 PM every day, while ticket sales end at 7:30 PM on Wednesday (draw day). During the draw, six numbers are drawn via the use of specific certified extraction machines. This draw which is held at the Customs Agency and State Monopolies headquarters located in Rome is open to the public, and is regulated and managed by Sisal and the agency. Numbers drawn are made available to the public via Sisal TV, on the official Sisal and Customs agency and State Monopolies website, and other websites. Players can also use the verification code on their receipts to check their winnings online. 

The jackpot is won when a player’s chosen numbers match those drawn. With the old SiVinceTutto where players were expected to choose just 6 numbers out of 90, the odds of matching all six numbers drawn stood at 1 in 622.6 million. However, the New SiVinceTutto which allows players to play 12 numbers to match 6, the odds have been reduced 924 times. In addition to this, the probability of winning any prize has reduced from 1 in 20 to 1 in 6. The jackpot amount has a guaranteed minimum amount of 2 million Euros. In the event that the jackpot prize is not won, it is distributed to the remaining prize tiers which sometimes makes the prize of amount of these lower prize tiers to increase exponentially. 

Apart from the jackpot, there are other prize tiers for players who match 5, 4, 3 or even 2 of the six numbers drawn. The prize amount increases as the numbers matched increase. Players who play online are notified of their winnings via email. Depending on the amount of the winnings, it can be deposited immediately into the player’s lottery account. It is important to note that Italy has a tax on lottery winnings. There are five tax tiers which increase as the prize amount increases. Any winnings less than or equal to 100 Euros are not subject to taxation. All prizes in excess of 1000 Euros have a tax of 6% imposed on them in addition to a flat fee of 3.1 Euros. It is therefore important for international players to check and familiarize themselves with their local tax laws in order to avoid double taxation. 

All prizes of the SiVinceTutto lottery are paid out as cash lumpsums. Players have up to 90 days from the date of the winning draw to claim their prizes. After sixty days, prizes must be claimed at the headquarter of Sisal or other authorized payment venues. All remaining prizes after 90 days of the winning draw are considered unacclaimed and go to help and support good and charitable causes.