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People Who Have Tried And Won Handsomely: Some Lotto Stories

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There have been instances when the lottery prize or even the jackpot prize has been won by the overseas winners and this has in particular made the Americans envious of them. The foreigners have been party to one of the biggest jackpot prizes won in the year 2016 worth Dollar 1.58 Billion.

The event is quite global

The American Lotteries or even the lotteries of the other places like Australia and Europe are generally open to participants from different parts of the world. People need not to be a native citizen of the place to play the games like Powerball and Mega Million lotteries. The Games world over are open to all who wish to be the player in the game and take chances to be part of once in a life time opportunity which can change their life forever. 

The $1.58 Billion Powerball mega event’s  result did not just effect the people from the American continent but stirred the whole world as millions from outside America were also participant in the global lottery event. People from different continents like Europe and Australia also were willing to be part of the extravaganza and finally ended up winning hefty rewards. The world wide attention helped in booking of the tickets in no time and a record 1.5 billion participating requests were purchased.  

Some Winners from Around the World

  • The Winner from Baghdad

The game does not see any boundaries and was quite secular in nature as one of the winners of the second prize in the mega event was a man from Iraq bagging $6.4 Million. He bought the tickets through online facility. The website the helped him buy tickets and the winner claimed the prize in person. The man chose to take the prize spread over in the span of twenty years than taking the same in one go as that was ensuring a regular payment for him for a long period of time as well as the amount received in such mode of payment was bigger by fifty percent and it was also safe for him seeing the chaotic condition his country is going through.

While being on the streets of Baghdad he got a message that changed his life. It was just three months before that he started playing the game and the news came as a shock to him which initially he thought to be a prank. Finally when he got the call from Christine the agent who sold him lottery ticket he came to believe on the news. It was a jackpot which was going to change his life forever. Seeing the tragic war like condition his country is going through Mr Mohammad requested the authorities to keep his name secret. He would have landed in trouble if found his name revealed before all. Finally the megabuck’s winner’s name was not announced in the public.

  • The small city El Salvador shot to fame on the Global Map

It was a day the man from San Salvador never wants to forget. He won second prize in the Megabuck’s list of prizes which made many persons go green with envy on him from USA and other parts of the world. He was a retired man and he too purchased his tickets online through the website. He won Dollar one Million.

He has family of eight having three great grandchildren living in USA in the state of California. Before winning the prize he and his wife were doing on a small pension. Now having won and having a higher purchasing capacity in his own country compared to US he is willing to realize his dreams to the fullest. One of their dream was to visit his grand children in America and that came true the first.

He anticipated the main numbers and became the second prize winner. He was quite eligible to have won the lottery prize as it is legal to buy and win lottery prizes in USA for a foreigner. He listened to the advice of his father to buy the lottery tickets and received surprising call after the result was declared. The prize changed his life as he started living a luxurious life.  There were many online winners in USA that time he remembers.

  • From the small job to a multi Millionaire - A story from South Africa

The man from Johannesburg suddenly became Millionaire after having bought a lottery ticket   for $3 online. He was working with a small salary but having spent few dollars from that sum proved hugely rewarding for him. After getting the news from the agent it was being difficult for him to realize to have won the $1.8 Million so he kept it secret for the day from everybody. He applied for the lottery with the help of the agent and after having believed to have won he stated the fact to his wife first. He immediately built a home for his family and relocated to the capital town to give better education and life to his kids and wife. Though he won huge sum but did not indulge in extravagant expenditure and led a humble life.                                                                        

With the globalization of the world the lottery business is also getting global and attracting participants and winners in the same manner. The business has made and is making many rags to riches kind of story where many winners are also donating the part of the sum to the wellbeing of the society as was done by Mr Christopher who won 3.5 Million Dollar. The immigrants have also been winner in some cases and have found their life changed.

This is like a strategic continuous investment process which is being practiced since days immemorial where the winners get the portion of the collected money of all the participants so should not just be treated as blind Gambling.