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How to win in Lotto a Game: The Strategy for Participants

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Lotteries are played by many and everyday and week throughout the world there are several winners. Should this raise our own hope to win in the game easily? Perhaps no.

Strategy works

One has to be quite calculative to win in the game for the rest to be left on luck to win. Home work should be properly done before making any money to put to chances to win. It is not even rocket science or any econometrics formula that one has to know before playing but a basic mathematical calculation needs to be done to calculate the probability to be a winner.

So in order to see that much amount of money dumped in their lap one has be a bit strategic and calculative in their approach.

One can learn from Richard Lusting the writer of the book “Learn how to increase your chances of Winning the Lottery”. He has seen many lottery grand prizes coming his home by mastering the art and working on his strategy through trial and error.

The Beginner’s Mindset and the Right Approach to be taken

Initially people dream of buying a lottery easily winning a lot of money, retire and buying a big fancy car and all sorts of Blah Blah. People buy without any plan and loose all the time like others. To increase the chances one has to be cautious and calculative on certain points.

• The numbers generated from the store computers should not be bought quickly

Certain number sets have better amount of luck than others. For the different set of numbers the uniqueness is always going to be at their worst. This is true for Powerball game.

• The spread should be taken care of

By going beyond birthday’s i.e birth month and dates then a person is going to be part of the domain of numbers going beyond 1 to 31. This increases the chances to win as if one spreads the numbers across the whole track one can be a sole winner or can be party to the other one.

• The numbers should not be changed

In his book “Learn how to increase your chances of Winning the Lottery” he has stated ways to find the specific numbers and asked to not change them once have arrived on certain number. That number should be used to play with many times. Different set should be used for different cards. One should not hesitate to use the same number many times but each set of numbers should be unique. Mathematically each number has the same chance of being drawn.

• Play again and again

One should be in the game in a consistent manner by being in the game every Saturday and every Wednesday. No week should be left without playing.

• One should understand the hurdles and also know their boundaries

One should bet on the money what one can afford to lose even if playing as many cards as possible can better the chance to win. One should understand their limits. It is quite different from investing in the share market where one invests monthly like systematic investment plans. The budget is the most important thing. One should have preplanned budget set for the activity. One should not have a addiction for the same so that one starts spending the money meant for feeding and treating himself. The basic home expenses should not be invested in buying lotteries. The amount which one can comfortably bear should only be invested in buying lottery.  

• The selection of the game should be right

Some games provide better chances of winning than others. One can have good probabilities to win these games than others mathematically. Some of the game is

- USA Powerball Lotto
- USA Wednesday lotto
- Australia Saturday Lotto
- Australia Monday Lotto

• Try the second chance game

One should also have their luck tried in the games which has the second chance drawing where in case one does not  win the jackpot he may have the second chance for his numbers to be drawn again so that the chances to win increase on the same numbers bought. One such game providing the second chance is Super lotto Plus Second Chance game.

Wheeling Strategy

Some of the articles of interest like “Read And Grow Rich” are quite helpful for the players to increase their chance to win. There are certain methods which also help a player win the in the game like Wheeling Strategy. For consistent lottery players this is a popular and effective strategy. It works on the possible combination of selected numbers. It works on the subset of the selected numbers chosen to play.

In the first step one assigns the letters to each of the numbers:

A – 6
B – 10
C – 11
D – 17
E – 19
F – 23
G – 27
H – 59

When done with this step one can create every probable grouping that can occur using them. The numbers should be in numerical array so as to avoid mistakes and make certain to have full coverage.

An example of wheeling with letter:

A, B, C, D, E, F
A, B, C, D, E, G
3. A, B, C, D, E, H
4. A, B, C, D, F, G
5. A, B, C, D, F, G
6. ……

With these numbers in the case given above one will get a total of 28 different sets. This strategy can help the player win not only the jackpot but also the second and third level prizes. The abbreviate wheel system is also used by some players to win in the game. This increases the chances to win to a great extent.

There are also other strategies like Wheel System as Odd and Even Number Strategies to be used to increase a player’s chances to win then one can also use the Brad Duke’s Lottery Strategy which is as effective as Wheeling Strategy.