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7 Important Things Lottery Winners Won’t Tell You

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The lottery has been around for a long time and has made thousands of people millionaires. Life before winning the lottery and after it are drastically different. While most people assume that after you win big, your life will be like a dream with no problems or hassles, but that may not be the truth. Yes, this is exactly how it is portrayed most of the time in interviews with the winners. But, there are some important things that the lottery winners won’t tell you because it just might shatter the illusion. What are they? Read on to find out:

1-     The lottery money comes in easily and it goes out just as easily. It doesn’t matter if you win $1 million or $500 million, around 70 percent of the lottery winners’ end up spending all their money in about five years or less.

2-     Playing the second chance drawings is a good idea. There are some games in which you have to return your losing ticket whereas others tell you to go online for registering the serial number of the ticket. Most people are not aware about these drawings or don’t put in the time and effort to enter because they don’t know that it improves your chances of winning.

3-     Even after winning the lottery, most winners don’t just quit playing it. They continue trying their luck because they now know that it is really possible to win.

4-     Once you have won the lottery, you should be prepared to be exploited by your friends and family. You will hear all sorts of sob stories about going to jail, losing the house or even dying because of a disease. It is best to be prepared for all of it and research the stories before lending a hand to someone.

5-     Sometimes, even a lot may come off as little to you. If you have taken home a jackpot of $6 million and find yourself in the company of those who have won $100 million or more, you are going to feel like a poor one. Remember that you can turn your 6 into 60 if you make smart decisions.

6-     Impulse decisions are part of the process. When you get your hands on a huge sum of money, there is a good chance that you will be tempted to buy something you have been thinking and dreaming about for a while. However, make sure it is a practical decision. A huge mansion built over 10,000 square-feet sounds amazing, but it may not work for your small family in the long term.

7-     When you win the lottery, it is wise to be prepared for being the spotlight. Most lottery winners are unable to stay anonymous, no matter how much they want. But, this can depend on the laws of the state or the country as some require a public news conference for announcing the winner.

You should be prepared for these situations when you participate in the lottery in case you come out the winner.