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All About Italy SiVinceTutto

Most lottery games in the world follow the 6/49 matrix as this lottery matrix gives players much more favorable odds of winning than other lottery formats such as the 6/90 matrix. However, before you dismiss lotteries that use this format, it is important for you to know some facts about this lottery format. A clear example to indicate the amazing features and benefits of the 6/90 format is Italy’s SiVinceTutto. 

The SiVinceTutto lottery is one of Italy’s many lotteries but unlike most lotteries, it follows a rare format, the 6/90 format. This game was originally created to complement Italy’s largest and most popular lottery game, the SuperEnalotto lottery. The management and operation of the SiVinceTutto is in the hands of Sisal, which is an organization that controls and manages lottery games in the country. Sisal was created in 1946 and in addition to the SiVinceTutto, this organization manages lottery games such as the very popular SuperEnalotto, the EuroJackpot, the VinciCasa, Play Six and the 10ElLotto. The English translation of this lottery’s name is “Win It All” which alone is a reason to give this lottery a try 

Playing the SiVinceTutto

The SiVinceTutto as has been aforementioned, follows the 6/90 matrix. A while back, players were expected to pick six numbers out of 90 numbers in order to participate in the SiVinceTutto. However, the new SiVinceTutto is played by choosing 12 numbers out of 90 instead of six. This amendment of the game gives players twice the chance to win a prize. The original SiVinceTutto price per selection was 5 Euros for six numbers. Today, the same price gets you a 12-number selection. Simply put, each player can play 12 numbers to guess six numbers. 

There are a number of features which players can use to increase their chances of winning. First of all, playing the lottery is easy. The SiVinceTutto can be played via manual selection or Quick Pick. A Quick Pick allows the system to generate and select random numbers on behalf of the player. Players can choose to play their favorite numbers for a maximum of five future draws using the Advance Draw feature. Players can also choose to play more than one set of numbers for a single draw to increase their odds of winning. With this feature, the prize of the ticket increases depending on the number of selections made. 

Playing Online 

Like most present-day lottery games, the SiVinceTutto lottery can be played online via ny authorized and trusted lottery service provider. A number of these service providers exist. Examples are,,, and among others. These lottery service providers strive to make the participation in lotteries very convenient and easy. By simply creating an account, players can deposit funds into their account and play their favorite lotteries including the SiVinceTutto. 

A major advantage of playing online is the safety of your ticket which makes it impossible for a player to miss out on winnings as a result of a lost ticket. Also, playing online is easy, fun and comfortable. It has bridged the gap between countries making it possible for anyone in any part of the world to play his/her favorite lottery games. Also, the checking of your ticket is the job of the service provider who checks your number and notifies you via email or message in the Message section of your account. However, it is important to know that winnings in excess of a certain amount must be claimed in person. This applies mostly to jackpots and second-tier prizes.

Winnings and Prizes

There is just one draw per week for the SiVinceTutto. This draw is held on Wednesday at 8:00 PM (CET). Sale of tickets take place from 6:00 AM to 11:55 PM every day, while ticket sales end at 7:30 PM on Wednesday (draw day). During the draw, six numbers are drawn via the use of specific certified extraction machines. This draw which is held at the Customs Agency and State Monopolies headquarters located in Rome is open to the public, and is regulated and managed by Sisal and the agency. Numbers drawn are made available to the public via Sisal TV, on the official Sisal and Customs agency and State Monopolies website, and other websites. Players can also use the verification code on their receipts to check their winnings online. 

The jackpot is won when a player’s chosen numbers match those drawn. With the old SiVinceTutto where players were expected to choose just 6 numbers out of 90, the odds of matching all six numbers drawn stood at 1 in 622.6 million. However, the New SiVinceTutto which allows players to play 12 numbers to match 6, the odds have been reduced 924 times. In addition to this, the probability of winning any prize has reduced from 1 in 20 to 1 in 6. The jackpot amount has a guaranteed minimum amount of 2 million Euros. In the event that the jackpot prize is not won, it is distributed to the remaining prize tiers which sometimes makes the prize of amount of these lower prize tiers to increase exponentially. 

Apart from the jackpot, there are other prize tiers for players who match 5, 4, 3 or even 2 of the six numbers drawn. The prize amount increases as the numbers matched increase. Players who play online are notified of their winnings via email. Depending on the amount of the winnings, it can be deposited immediately into the player’s lottery account. It is important to note that Italy has a tax on lottery winnings. There are five tax tiers which increase as the prize amount increases. Any winnings less than or equal to 100 Euros are not subject to taxation. All prizes in excess of 1000 Euros have a tax of 6% imposed on them in addition to a flat fee of 3.1 Euros. It is therefore important for international players to check and familiarize themselves with their local tax laws in order to avoid double taxation. 

All prizes of the SiVinceTutto lottery are paid out as cash lumpsums. Players have up to 90 days from the date of the winning draw to claim their prizes. After sixty days, prizes must be claimed at the headquarter of Sisal or other authorized payment venues. All remaining prizes after 90 days of the winning draw are considered unacclaimed and go to help and support good and charitable causes.

Powerball Lottery Makes Payment For the Following Things

The USA Powerball lottery offered the second most significant jackpot of $700 million in 2017 followed by $1.5 billion in 2016. It is a fact that the Powerball, as well as the other state lotteries, pay for few social events as mentioned below.
  • The beneficiaries, including the Louisiana’s gambling fund of $178 million.
  • Rhode Island $370 million fund 
  • $1.1 billion Georgia schools
  • Schools in New York of $3.3 billion
  • MA general fund $989 million.
Even though the USA Powerball lottery pays for social events, it is not very clear whether on a long run the lotteries will increase the funding. The tax part is a bothering one, and Powerball lottery should soon look into. 

2016 Powerball Paid For 
  • According to the trade publication La Fleur World Lottery Almanac the Powerball sold close to $73 billion in 2016 for lotteries. 
  • $46 billion was spent on the prize. 
  • To advertise, promote, and give the commission to the stores for helping in selling tickets, the state spent $4.
  • $23 billion was paid for the social events, including the education funding, etc.
The above data gives a clear picture, and it is understood that 63% of the money is spent on prizes, 5% on advertisement and like activities. Close to 32% is spent on the social events and funding. This number looks good, but critics want that to be increased further on the funding side. 

Powerball Lottery For Schools 

In California, the law states that a minimum of $1 billion must be contributed from the lottery fund, and Powerball gives 80 cents from each $2 ticket. Close to one percent of the state spending must be from the lottery. 

Powerball divides the money between all the Universities, Community Colleges, and the K-12 schools. 44 states play Powerball from the three territories in the USA.

Education is the primary focus in all countries. Powerball has always contributed to the schools and colleges. 

This can be explained by the data given below. During the year 2015, close to $1.39 billion was reserved for education form the lottery revenue of $5.5 billion states the online financial report. Majority of the fund came from the scratchers.

The Super Lotto tickets and the Mega Millions of the Powerball remain cheap. Every 50 cents of the dollar will be used for the jackpot and forty cents for the education. Only the remaining money was used for the agency cost.

Lowa uses lottery fund for general states’ affair; Colorado uses for protecting the environment and Montana for crime control, etc.


The ticket purchased on Wednesday is used for a good cause, and $2 can be your share too. Powerball lottery does not restrict funding for one purpose, but for many and school is the priority. It is also paying towards various other goals like environmental protection and much more. Thus the Powerball lottery works towards increasing the revenue for sharing on social events.

How to Boost your Lottery Odds

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Are you dreaming of a huge mansion? Going on a world tour? Having your own private jet? Every year, such dreams actually do become a reality when some lucky individual takes home the lottery jackpot. Most people scoff at the idea of playing the lottery because the odds are huge. Yes, it is true. While there is no magic formula that you can use for figuring out what numbers will win, there are some different tactics you can implement for improving your odds of winning the lottery. Why not try those? You can do a number of things for boosting your chances of becoming a multi-millionaire.
Read on to find out what they are:

Opt for lotteries with better odds

The US Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world and it usually has the largest jackpot. Obviously, everyone wants to go for that, but do you know that the odds of winning it are around 1: 292,201,338. Therefore, it makes more sense to play a game with shorter odds because this will definitely boost your chances of success. Sure, the prize offered by other lotteries like the Irish Lotto, New Zealand Lotto or even the Swedish Lotto are not as high as the Powerball, but their odds are so much better. If you do win, you will still walk away with something rather than nothing.

Become part of a syndicate

It is a fact that 20% of all lottery jackpots actually go to syndicates. This means that 1 in every 5 occasions, a lottery jackpot goes to a group of work colleagues, friends or family or even neighbors who had decided to pool in their money for maximize their chances of winning the lottery. Why don’t you do the same? With syndicates, you have the opportunity of playing more games and choosing more numbers, which automatically gives your odds a boost. Of course, you have to share the jackpot, but you still end up with a substantial sum. If none of your friends and family are up to it, these days you can join an online syndicate.

Choose your own numbers

Some people might recommend that you let the number generator pick random numbers for you. There is no harm in doing that, but most people who have won the lottery will tell you that it is a better idea to pick your own numbers. This doesn’t mean that you just select random numbers either. If you plan on doing that, then the number generator can do the same. Instead, it is better if you do some research. If you are serious about winning the lottery, take a look at the past numbers that have won the prizes. Some say there is no pattern, but there are some trends that you can track and some mistakes to avoid like going with all even or all odd numbers.

The key is to be consistent and play your numbers as frequently as possible and you just might end up winning big and fulfilling your dreams.

7 Important Things Lottery Winners Won’t Tell You

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The lottery has been around for a long time and has made thousands of people millionaires. Life before winning the lottery and after it are drastically different. While most people assume that after you win big, your life will be like a dream with no problems or hassles, but that may not be the truth. Yes, this is exactly how it is portrayed most of the time in interviews with the winners. But, there are some important things that the lottery winners won’t tell you because it just might shatter the illusion. What are they? Read on to find out:

1-     The lottery money comes in easily and it goes out just as easily. It doesn’t matter if you win $1 million or $500 million, around 70 percent of the lottery winners’ end up spending all their money in about five years or less.

2-     Playing the second chance drawings is a good idea. There are some games in which you have to return your losing ticket whereas others tell you to go online for registering the serial number of the ticket. Most people are not aware about these drawings or don’t put in the time and effort to enter because they don’t know that it improves your chances of winning.

3-     Even after winning the lottery, most winners don’t just quit playing it. They continue trying their luck because they now know that it is really possible to win.

4-     Once you have won the lottery, you should be prepared to be exploited by your friends and family. You will hear all sorts of sob stories about going to jail, losing the house or even dying because of a disease. It is best to be prepared for all of it and research the stories before lending a hand to someone.

5-     Sometimes, even a lot may come off as little to you. If you have taken home a jackpot of $6 million and find yourself in the company of those who have won $100 million or more, you are going to feel like a poor one. Remember that you can turn your 6 into 60 if you make smart decisions.

6-     Impulse decisions are part of the process. When you get your hands on a huge sum of money, there is a good chance that you will be tempted to buy something you have been thinking and dreaming about for a while. However, make sure it is a practical decision. A huge mansion built over 10,000 square-feet sounds amazing, but it may not work for your small family in the long term.

7-     When you win the lottery, it is wise to be prepared for being the spotlight. Most lottery winners are unable to stay anonymous, no matter how much they want. But, this can depend on the laws of the state or the country as some require a public news conference for announcing the winner.

You should be prepared for these situations when you participate in the lottery in case you come out the winner.   

How to win in Lotto a Game: The Strategy for Participants

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Lotteries are played by many and everyday and week throughout the world there are several winners. Should this raise our own hope to win in the game easily? Perhaps no.

Strategy works

One has to be quite calculative to win in the game for the rest to be left on luck to win. Home work should be properly done before making any money to put to chances to win. It is not even rocket science or any econometrics formula that one has to know before playing but a basic mathematical calculation needs to be done to calculate the probability to be a winner.

So in order to see that much amount of money dumped in their lap one has be a bit strategic and calculative in their approach.

One can learn from Richard Lusting the writer of the book “Learn how to increase your chances of Winning the Lottery”. He has seen many lottery grand prizes coming his home by mastering the art and working on his strategy through trial and error.

The Beginner’s Mindset and the Right Approach to be taken

Initially people dream of buying a lottery easily winning a lot of money, retire and buying a big fancy car and all sorts of Blah Blah. People buy without any plan and loose all the time like others. To increase the chances one has to be cautious and calculative on certain points.

• The numbers generated from the store computers should not be bought quickly

Certain number sets have better amount of luck than others. For the different set of numbers the uniqueness is always going to be at their worst. This is true for Powerball game.

• The spread should be taken care of

By going beyond birthday’s i.e birth month and dates then a person is going to be part of the domain of numbers going beyond 1 to 31. This increases the chances to win as if one spreads the numbers across the whole track one can be a sole winner or can be party to the other one.

• The numbers should not be changed

In his book “Learn how to increase your chances of Winning the Lottery” he has stated ways to find the specific numbers and asked to not change them once have arrived on certain number. That number should be used to play with many times. Different set should be used for different cards. One should not hesitate to use the same number many times but each set of numbers should be unique. Mathematically each number has the same chance of being drawn.

• Play again and again

One should be in the game in a consistent manner by being in the game every Saturday and every Wednesday. No week should be left without playing.

• One should understand the hurdles and also know their boundaries

One should bet on the money what one can afford to lose even if playing as many cards as possible can better the chance to win. One should understand their limits. It is quite different from investing in the share market where one invests monthly like systematic investment plans. The budget is the most important thing. One should have preplanned budget set for the activity. One should not have a addiction for the same so that one starts spending the money meant for feeding and treating himself. The basic home expenses should not be invested in buying lotteries. The amount which one can comfortably bear should only be invested in buying lottery.  

• The selection of the game should be right

Some games provide better chances of winning than others. One can have good probabilities to win these games than others mathematically. Some of the game is

- USA Powerball Lotto
- USA Wednesday lotto
- Australia Saturday Lotto
- Australia Monday Lotto

• Try the second chance game

One should also have their luck tried in the games which has the second chance drawing where in case one does not  win the jackpot he may have the second chance for his numbers to be drawn again so that the chances to win increase on the same numbers bought. One such game providing the second chance is Super lotto Plus Second Chance game.

Wheeling Strategy

Some of the articles of interest like “Read And Grow Rich” are quite helpful for the players to increase their chance to win. There are certain methods which also help a player win the in the game like Wheeling Strategy. For consistent lottery players this is a popular and effective strategy. It works on the possible combination of selected numbers. It works on the subset of the selected numbers chosen to play.

In the first step one assigns the letters to each of the numbers:

A – 6
B – 10
C – 11
D – 17
E – 19
F – 23
G – 27
H – 59

When done with this step one can create every probable grouping that can occur using them. The numbers should be in numerical array so as to avoid mistakes and make certain to have full coverage.

An example of wheeling with letter:

A, B, C, D, E, F
A, B, C, D, E, G
3. A, B, C, D, E, H
4. A, B, C, D, F, G
5. A, B, C, D, F, G
6. ……

With these numbers in the case given above one will get a total of 28 different sets. This strategy can help the player win not only the jackpot but also the second and third level prizes. The abbreviate wheel system is also used by some players to win in the game. This increases the chances to win to a great extent.

There are also other strategies like Wheel System as Odd and Even Number Strategies to be used to increase a player’s chances to win then one can also use the Brad Duke’s Lottery Strategy which is as effective as Wheeling Strategy.

People Who Have Tried And Won Handsomely: Some Lotto Stories

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There have been instances when the lottery prize or even the jackpot prize has been won by the overseas winners and this has in particular made the Americans envious of them. The foreigners have been party to one of the biggest jackpot prizes won in the year 2016 worth Dollar 1.58 Billion.

The event is quite global

The American Lotteries or even the lotteries of the other places like Australia and Europe are generally open to participants from different parts of the world. People need not to be a native citizen of the place to play the games like Powerball and Mega Million lotteries. The Games world over are open to all who wish to be the player in the game and take chances to be part of once in a life time opportunity which can change their life forever. 

The $1.58 Billion Powerball mega event’s  result did not just effect the people from the American continent but stirred the whole world as millions from outside America were also participant in the global lottery event. People from different continents like Europe and Australia also were willing to be part of the extravaganza and finally ended up winning hefty rewards. The world wide attention helped in booking of the tickets in no time and a record 1.5 billion participating requests were purchased.  

Some Winners from Around the World

  • The Winner from Baghdad

The game does not see any boundaries and was quite secular in nature as one of the winners of the second prize in the mega event was a man from Iraq bagging $6.4 Million. He bought the tickets through online facility. The website the helped him buy tickets and the winner claimed the prize in person. The man chose to take the prize spread over in the span of twenty years than taking the same in one go as that was ensuring a regular payment for him for a long period of time as well as the amount received in such mode of payment was bigger by fifty percent and it was also safe for him seeing the chaotic condition his country is going through.

While being on the streets of Baghdad he got a message that changed his life. It was just three months before that he started playing the game and the news came as a shock to him which initially he thought to be a prank. Finally when he got the call from Christine the agent who sold him lottery ticket he came to believe on the news. It was a jackpot which was going to change his life forever. Seeing the tragic war like condition his country is going through Mr Mohammad requested the authorities to keep his name secret. He would have landed in trouble if found his name revealed before all. Finally the megabuck’s winner’s name was not announced in the public.

  • The small city El Salvador shot to fame on the Global Map

It was a day the man from San Salvador never wants to forget. He won second prize in the Megabuck’s list of prizes which made many persons go green with envy on him from USA and other parts of the world. He was a retired man and he too purchased his tickets online through the website. He won Dollar one Million.

He has family of eight having three great grandchildren living in USA in the state of California. Before winning the prize he and his wife were doing on a small pension. Now having won and having a higher purchasing capacity in his own country compared to US he is willing to realize his dreams to the fullest. One of their dream was to visit his grand children in America and that came true the first.

He anticipated the main numbers and became the second prize winner. He was quite eligible to have won the lottery prize as it is legal to buy and win lottery prizes in USA for a foreigner. He listened to the advice of his father to buy the lottery tickets and received surprising call after the result was declared. The prize changed his life as he started living a luxurious life.  There were many online winners in USA that time he remembers.

  • From the small job to a multi Millionaire - A story from South Africa

The man from Johannesburg suddenly became Millionaire after having bought a lottery ticket   for $3 online. He was working with a small salary but having spent few dollars from that sum proved hugely rewarding for him. After getting the news from the agent it was being difficult for him to realize to have won the $1.8 Million so he kept it secret for the day from everybody. He applied for the lottery with the help of the agent and after having believed to have won he stated the fact to his wife first. He immediately built a home for his family and relocated to the capital town to give better education and life to his kids and wife. Though he won huge sum but did not indulge in extravagant expenditure and led a humble life.                                                                        

With the globalization of the world the lottery business is also getting global and attracting participants and winners in the same manner. The business has made and is making many rags to riches kind of story where many winners are also donating the part of the sum to the wellbeing of the society as was done by Mr Christopher who won 3.5 Million Dollar. The immigrants have also been winner in some cases and have found their life changed.

This is like a strategic continuous investment process which is being practiced since days immemorial where the winners get the portion of the collected money of all the participants so should not just be treated as blind Gambling.

Enhance Your Chance Of Winning By Following These Tips For Lotto Games

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Lottery is a complete game of luck and so playing it makes it a game of chance. Although there is no specific method of playing this game still if you want you can have one for you. Yes, again there is no well defined method which you can choose for ensuring your winning stroke, but  here also there  few ways that you can try at least to check if luck god is with you or not. You can make some permutation/combination, make random selection or just gamble to be in this game of luck.

Methods for selecting the numbers for lottery

Banking on Frequently Picked Numbers:  If you take a look at the chat which is released by state lotteries about the outcomes of the last few games you will get an idea about the maximum drawn numbers in recent past. Work with those numbers and it may be the case that you end up winning.

Apply Delta Method: Well this method can help you in choosing lottery numbers which is completely based on the reports of statistical study for numbers which are positioned next to one other. This method completely works on the data of the previous winning lottery numbers and created the base for this technique. In short we can say that this method of delta is a research based data and you need to keep it in mind that it gives no guarantee or promise that you will be the winner by selecting the number picked by delta method.

The method of lucky number: If you are a lucky child then surely you can try out this method. The lucky numbers will be the digits which are centering round some important events or happenings in your life. Mix the numbers and then try to make a number out of it to decide the lotto number on which you want to bet. Some number ideas which you can select to decide the number for the lotto may be:

• Your date of Birth
• Your Anniversary
• Your Graduation Day
• Your Kid's Birthday
• Your Promotion day
• You're Lucky house address
• Your First mobile number

Random numbers: Have you heard about  It is a unique number generator which is used by most lotto players who prefer to go with random numbers to make their bet. Before we call it a good choice for number selection we will prefer to mention that this generator gives number based on random draw. In Lottery to the winning number is generated randomly. So if you are lucky enough then picked number may be the winning one for you.

Tips for betting on lottery:

Improve chance of winning by playing the right game: We always talk about how to win the lottery and that gives the impression as if its only one single game. The fact is that every state comes with own set of lottery games having different odds for the winning Ticket. All that we need to do is to Read odds before spending the money and ensure that you are maximizing the chances to win State lotteries have better odds and also offers games of smaller money with larger chance of winning.

Go for more entries: One of the best ways for boosting the odds in winning lotteries is quite simply and here you need to buy some more tickets. We understand that may costs money, and investing in too many tickets, the odds for winning remains still poor. In such scenario take help of lottery pools. This will give you the chance to make improvement in your odds without making too much spending.

Recheck your number and don't miss your winning money: Take an example... The lucky number was announced and you checked randomly and thought you missed it again like every time. But it may be the case that you are actually lucky this time and you won a jackpot. Note the number your purchased and the drawing date for it if possible in red color on your calendar. Check the number thrice with the drawn number and don't miss the chance of claiming the money if you emerge as the actual owner.

Make your winning lottery ticket secure: It may be the case that this time you are lucky and win the lottery.  You need to be careful so that the prize won't slip through your fingers. To protect your ticket well before you know that you are a winner sign it at the back. You signature at back will carry the proof that it's your even if it is lost and found. Do not handover the ticket to any third party to cross check if you are a winner. Take help of computer terminal, newspaper, online portal etc to check the number of your ticket.

Keep you safe from any lottery scam: Scammers are all around and so you can find their presence too in lotto industry. They take advantage of the sentiments of the players who are keen to earn some extra bucks through lottery. To stay safe from all lottery scams remember the below points:

• Tickets should be purchased from licensed lottery retailers
• Selling tickets across national borders is not legal. Buy ticket if you are the citizen of the country.
• If you are not participating in second chance game of lottery then you are not the winner
• Lottery company is not responsible to let you know that you won.... it's your job to cross check
• You should not pay any money upfront for accepting the winning money of the lottery

If you can follow the above mentioned points then it will be easy for you to stay away from any type of lottery scam. At the end we again want to remind you that lotto games are game of luck and if you have some extra penny left with you after making good savings then go for it. Do not waste your hard earned money when you are short in your savings for playing lotto.